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Graduated from university for a year, not from English major but doing well with it- especially Oral English, interested in travelling, photography & culture exchanges. 
Able to teach BEC 1, BEC 2, New Concept Enlgish, Oral English, Tourism English, Hotel English and so on.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining my course, I will not only teach you English but also try to make you fall in love with this exciting language. 
Course Comments
[Timing Course] 职场常用口语陪练(初级)
本课程主要针对急需提高英语交流水平的职场人士。 本课程学员可以随时随地在线获得职场专业老师的指导,也可以预约老师。授课老师拥有大量外企面试及工作中常用经典语句、情景问话及专业面试英语技巧... (More)
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