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Ancient finds


发布日期: 2010-07-22
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An assistant cleans the skull of a giant whale called Leviathan at the Natural History Museum in Lima June 30, 2010. The fossil of a giant whale called Leviathan for having teeth bigger than a grown man's forearms has been found in Peru by paleontologists who said it may have been the largest predator to ever roam the seas.
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Archaeological pieces are displayed during a news conference inside the Colosseum in Rome July 16, 2010. Around 337 pieces, worth 15 million euros ($19.5 million) in archaeological value, were seized in Switzerland as part of an operation aimed at combating the illegal trafficking of archaeological materials, according to local media. The operation named "Andromeda" began two years ago.
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Archaeologists examine the remnants of a centuries old wooden ship at the World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan in New York July 15, 2010. The decayed hull of the ship was unearthed at the World Trade Center construction site, providing a glimpse into the history of Manhattan, archeologists said. The ship likely dated back at least 200 years when part of the river was filled in with trash, debris and wooden beams in order to expand a fast-growing Manhattan.
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The head of a male divinity artefact dating from the 12th century and the torso of a male divinity artefact dating from the 11th century are displayed during a ceremony at the Cambodia National Museum in Phnom Penh July 18, 2010. Seven Angkorean artefacts which were illegally smuggled into the United States over the years were returned during the ceremony.
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An assistant cleans the fossilised teeth of a giant whale called Leviathan at the Natural History Museum in Lima.

June 30, 2010.