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发布日期: 2010-07-14
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Thespian, a humanoid robot, communicates with the audience through a user's interface at the Robotic World exhibition at Madatech, the Israel National Museum of Science, in the northern city of Haifa.

July 8, 2010.
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高科技手表 最新科技观察
Solar Impulse's Chief Executive Officer and pilot Andre Borschberg flies in the solar-powered HB-SIA prototype airplane during its first successful night flight attempt at Payerne airport July 8, 2010. The aircraft took off July 7 at 06:51 am and reached an altitude of 8,700 meters (28,543 feet) by the end of the day. It then slowly descent to 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) and flew during the night on the batteries, charged during the day by 12,000 solar cells, which powered the four electric motors. It landed July 8 at 09.00 am (GMT 2) for a flight time of 26 hours and 9 minutes, setting the longest and highest flight ever made by a solar plane.
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高科技手表 最新科技观察
Bioengineering student Alex Golberg demonstrates a battery powered by a potato in a lab at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem July 6, 2010. The electric battery based on boiled potatoes could provide a cheap source of electricity in the developing world, according to the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
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高科技手表 最新科技观察

Customers check Apple laptops at the new Apple Store at Pudong Lujiazui in Shanghai.

July 10, 2010.
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高科技手表 最新科技观察
双截肢,基督教从奥地利Kandlbauer与普通假肢和一个头脑控制在他的左侧假肢原型,是在维也纳接受了路透社2010年7月6日。 Kandlbauer,22,谁失去了在2005年的意外,他双臂,控制的实时假肢手臂通过他的七个幽灵手臂关节运动的精神。创新的假体是基于屯门公路(目标肌肉神经再支配),这一过程中使用的用于控制假肢残肢功能剩余的神经。心控制的假肢手臂允许用户完成他们的关节运动是由自然手臂截肢的方法之前执行。
Double amputee, Christian Kandlbauer from Austria, with a regular artificial limb and a prototype of a mind-controlled artificial limb on his left side, is interviewed by Reuters in Vienna July 6, 2010. Kandlbauer, 22, who lost both of his arms in an accident in 2005, controls the seven joints of the prosthetic arm in real time through the mental movements of his phantom arm. The innovative prosthesis is based on TMR ( targeted muscle reinnervation), a process that uses residual nerves in the residual limb for the control of prosthesis functions. The mind-controlled prosthetic arm allows the user to complete movements in the joints the way they were executed by the natural arm prior to amputation.