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Animals around the world


发布日期: 2010-07-14
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世界各地的动物 世界各地的动物组图
Sergei Gorbunov, a professional diver, holds his dog Boniface before plunging into the waters of the Pacific Ocean some 200 km (124 miles) south of Russia's far eastern city of Vladivostok, July 9, 2010. Gorbunov teaches his dachshund to scuba dive to accompany him with the help of a wetsuit and a diving helmet specially produced for the dog.
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世界各地的动物 世界各地的动物组图
A bull chasing revellers jumps into the sea during the "Bous a la Mar" festival in the eastern Spanish coastal town of Denia July 5, 2010. During this festival revellers emerging from protective barriers provoke bulls to chase them until they both fall into the sea. The bulls are then rescued by small boats who tow them to safety.
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世界各地的动物 世界各地的动物组图

Somnang, a Malayan Sun Bear, sticks his tongue out as he sits in its enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

July 7, 2010.
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世界各地的动物 世界各地的动物组图

A yak used for carrying tourists eats from a nosebag by the shores of Lake Namtso, Tibet Autonomous Region.

June 30, 2010.
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世界各地的动物 世界各地的动物组图

A man walks his dog along Havana's seafront boulevard 'El Malecon'.

July 8, 2010.