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Thomas Edison's labs, up close and personal


发布日期: 2010-07-09
Many horns | 许多角
许多角 托马斯爱迪生的实验室
西奥兰治,新泽西州 - 如果你问任何人都只是谁是历史上最好的发明人,你几乎肯定能为托马斯爱迪生远远比别人更多的选票。谁该名男子可能是最好的发明灯泡已知还发明留声机,移动图片,碱性蓄电池,水泥房子,等等。而他与他的巧思1薄荷。 



WEST ORANGE, N.J.--If you ask just about anyone who the best inventor in history is, you'd almost certainly get far more votes for Thomas Edison than anyone else. The man who is probably best known for inventing the light bulb also invented the phonograph, the moving picture, the alkaline storage battery, cement houses, and many others. And he made a mint with his ingenuity.

Already well-known and wealthy, he and his young bride moved here in 1887 from the famous Menlo Park, N.J., research and development labs where he'd invented the light bulb, and he quickly set about building a series of development and manufacturing buildings, as well as a spacious and lovely estate nearby.

On Road Trip 2010, CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman visited Thomas Edison National Historic Park here and got a behind-the-scenes tour of the labs and development offices that Edison and his team worked in every day for many years. These days, the National Park Service owns and operates the buildings, and after a six-year renovation, it recently fully re-opened them to the public with a series of new exhibits and archives on display.

Here, we see a group of different sized phonograph horns, in a storage room off the music room inside the lab buildings.
First phonograph | 第一留声机
第一留声机 托马斯爱迪生的实验室
这是世界上第一个留声机,爱迪生在1877年创造的。关于国家历史公园的同时存取爱迪生的身体他的文件档案和一个伟大的事情 - 它保留了40多万件,500多万份文件控制 - 是,他们都为第一个留声机的原计划,和设备本身。然而,这份文件上没有显示。 

This is the world's first phonograph, which Edison created in 1877. One of the great things about the National Historic Park's access to both Edison's physical archives and his documents--it maintains control of more than 400,000 items and more than 5 million documents--is that they have both the original plans for the first phonograph, and the device itself. However, the document isn't on display.

According to the National Park Service, the first recorded sound to be played back was "Mary Had a Little Lamb," which he recorded on this phonograph. Unlike later machines, which used wax, it recorded sound waves as indentations on tinfoil sheets.
Clocking in | 时钟在
时钟在 托马斯爱迪生的实验室
At the entryway to Building 5, the main building in the West Orange complex of R&D and manufacturing buildings, this time clock recorded the comings and goings of thousands of employees, including Edison himself. It's said that Edison would work between 80 and 100 hours a week.
Library and office | 图书馆和办公室
图书馆和办公室 托马斯爱迪生的实验室
Edison's office also doubled as the complex's main research library, and a place where the famous inventor could show off many of his trophies and other prized memorabilia.
Edison's desk | 爱迪生的办公桌
爱迪生的办公桌 托马斯爱迪生的实验室
Edison's desk, as seen in the library.