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Inside the Large Hadron Collider


发布日期: 2010-07-07
The heart of the LHC: a dipole magnet | 该复合体的核心:1偶极磁铁
该复合体的核心:1偶极磁铁 大型强子对撞机内幕
At the heart of the LHC are 1,232 dipole magnets, of which this is a cross section. The dipole magnet creates a nearly linear magnetic field that steers the beam of ionized particles around the accelerator. Two beams travel separately in opposite directions through the left and right central channels.
CMS end cap lowered into place | 不育系端盖降低到位
不育系端盖降低到位 大型强子对撞机内幕
The CMS experiment is one of two geared for a variety of tasks, including finding the elusive Higgs boson. Because the LHC is underground, equipment such as this massive end cap for the CMS experiment must be lowered with cranes. This cap was at one end of the cylindrical detector.
CMS silicon detector | CMS的硅探测器
CMS的硅探测器 大型强子对撞机内幕
One end of the CMS detector during the LHC's assembly in 2007.
LHC control center | LHC的控制中心
LHC的控制中心 大型强子对撞机内幕
The LHC's primary control center is used to monitor and run the particle accelerator. This pod of screens is matched by four others for other tasks. Separate control centers are used for the experiments. The green screens toward the left signal that all is well with hundreds of subsystems.
LHC computing center | LHC的计算中心
LHC的计算中心 大型强子对撞机内幕
The LHC requires tremendous computing power to store data. A primary copy of the data is stored at CERN, but it's replicated elsewhere across the planet.