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Pictures shot by iPhone 4 camera


发布日期: 2010-07-07
Ferry Building San Francisco | 旧金山渡轮大厦
旧金山渡轮大厦 iPhone4拍摄的照片效果
它只有5百万像素,但在iPhone 4的推出,史蒂夫乔布斯明确指出,当涉及到图像质量,这不完全对你有多少像素。背面照明(BSI)的摄像头像素大尺寸传感器使其能够在正常光照条件下提供出色的图像质量。有没有关于iPhone 4光学变焦和图像传感器的大小比契约所用的小的小,但这一新的照相机是接近点和拍摄质量,并可能迫使一些人抛弃自己的口袋相机,并期待到最新的iPhone日常快照。花了几个小时后,旧金山附近散步,我很高兴与图像。在最佳明亮的灯光,它的出色和即使在低光,你可以看到背光传感器通过发送更多的光线进入传感器帮助。在黑人看起来非常好,避免了普通粮食,噪音和变色点和射击从仅仅几年前相机普遍。从旧金山的街道看起来与iPhone 4在我的测试的部分镜头。 (这些图像在Lightroom开设了作物,整顿,但没有锐化或颜色进行校正。)
It's only 5 megapixels, but during iPhone 4's launch, Steve Jobs specifically noted that when it comes to image quality it's not all about how many pixels you have. The backside-illuminated (BSI) camera sensor with large pixel sizes allows it to deliver excellent image quality under normal lighting conditions. There's no optical zoom on the iPhone 4 and the size of the image sensor is smaller than the tiny ones used in compacts, but this new camera is approaching point-and-shoot quality, and may drive some people to ditch their pocket cameras and look to the newest iPhone for everyday snapshots. After spending a few hours walking around San Francisco, I'm pretty pleased with the images. Under optimal bright lighting, it's outstanding and even in low light, you can see how the backlit sensor helps by sending more light into the sensor. The blacks look very good, avoiding the common grain, noise, and discoloration common in point-and-shoot cameras from just a few years ago. Take a look at some of my test shots from the streets of San Francisco with the iPhone 4. (These images were opened in Lightroom to crop and straighten, but no sharpening or color correction was performed.)
Transamerica Building | 全美建筑
全美建筑 iPhone4拍摄的照片效果
这些图像的最显着的4个摄像头从iPhone的元素之一,是黑人的清晰度。即使在阴影在图像的底部,黑人有很大的色调和色彩范围。通常,手机受到过度的噪音或黑色色调的色彩失真,但iPhone 4似乎处理的很好的光频谱的低端光明的背面照明(BSI)的传感器感谢。
One of the most notable elements of these images from the iPhone 4 camera is the clarity of the blacks. Even in the shadows at the bottom of the image, the blacks have great tone and color range. Often, mobile phones suffer from excessive noise or color distortion in the black tones, but the iPhone 4 seems to handle the low end of the light spectrum well thanks to the bright backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor.
Artist Steven Leslie | 莱斯利史蒂芬艺术家
莱斯利史蒂芬艺术家 iPhone4拍摄的照片效果
Steven Leslie, an artist who works with recycled wine bottle cork, at his stand in Justin Herman Plaza in downtown San Francisco.
Downtown flags | 市中心标志
市中心标志 iPhone4拍摄的照片效果
一位在旧金山的大风和寒冷的一天,iPhone 4没有麻烦冻结吹国旗的议案,同时还捕捉令人难以置信的细节。
One a very windy and cold day in San Francisco, the iPhone 4 has no trouble freezing the motion of the blowing flag, while still capturing incredible detail.
Champagne bubbles | 香槟气泡
香槟气泡 iPhone4拍摄的照片效果
Even the tiny bubbles in this glass of Champagne are clearly visible and incredibly sharp, focusing well even at a distance of only a few inches.