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[Online Course] New Concept English-1
Price:   290.0 Yuan
Category:   Language → English
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Each Lesson can have 4 students at most
Subscription 5 yuan
You have to finish course in 90 days
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新概念英语第一册封面学习英语的敲门砖(First Things First)讲练基本语音、语调(包括所有的音标、连读、同化)及英语中的基本语法、词法、句法及句型结构知识。学好第一册,是练好英语基本功的关键,适合于英语基础差,欲在短期内掌握英语基础的学习者。掌握后,可以参加中考一类考试。
  Chapter Information
 Lesson 1 Excuse me!
 Lesson 2 Is this your…?
 Lesson 3 Sorry sir.
 Lesson 4 Is this your…?
 Lesson 5 Nice to meet you.
 Lesson 6 What make is it?
 Lesson 7 Are you a teacher?
 Lesson 8 What’s you job?
 Lesson 9 How are you today?
 Lesson 10 Look at…
 Lesson 11 Is this your shirt?
 Lesson 12 Whose is this?
 Lesson 13 A new dress
 Lesson 14 What colour’s your…?
 Lesson 15 Your passports,please.
 Lesson 16 Are you…?
 Lesson 17 How do you do?
 Lesson 19 Tired and thirsty 
 Lesson 20 Look at them!
 Lesson 21 Which book?
 Lesson 22 Give me/him/her/us/them a…
 Lesson 23 Which glasses?
 Lesson 24 Give me/him/her/us/them some…
 Lesson 25 Mrs.Smith's kitchen
 Lesson 26 Where is it?
 Lesson 27 Mrs.Smith's living room
 Lesson 28 Where are they?
 Lesson 29 Come in,Amy.
 Lesson 30 What must I do?
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